Monthly Archives: January 2015

The Easy Way To Stop Smoking – Alan Carr

Another week have come to an end and with it another book

This is an old book i read about 10 month ago

It’s one of the best ways to stop smoking cigarettes,and if you use the technique you can probably can stop any bad habit you have.

I have stopped smoking right after i finished the book and i think most of the people who will read this book will also stop smoking.

i wish you good luck for anyone who will try it


Dale Carnegie-How to Win Friends and Influence People

Well ,it took me a month to read another book but i finally did it.

I read what most likely is the best books anyone can read about human influence , and self improvement.

In this book you will find all kind of new ideas and behavior that all of us should imprint in our day to day life. it begin with showing all kind of things we should do with new people we meet- and end with how we should address people we already know.

If there was only enough time to read one book – then this was the book i would have read.

That’s it for now