Note_2, 29 Mar 2019

Hello so here is a list of 10 things that make me happy or make me feel good number one uline
One reading manga
Tolkien on the mic and watching it writing itself
Resting I just like laying on my bed all day
I like to eat chocolates and what kind of snacks uline
We already have 4 things I like to do what else uline
Oh my God I have a great idea I can make a video channel well I get each day 10 things I would like to do and then make either like video of or just photos running around with this new sentences each day of 10U stuff I like to do you’re going to be amazing
5. So in another I like to do coming up with ideas
6. I like to start stuff and never finish them
7. What else I like to travel sometimes around the world

But you know the problem some of the stuff I’m saying to you it’s not correct because this stuff don’t make me feel happy necessarily but let me come up with 3 more things

8. I like to sleep
9. I like to play games a lot
10. And probably one of the most important ones is the moment when I am actually able to finish something like for example this list

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