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The Easy Way To Stop Smoking – Alan Carr

Another week have come to an end and with it another book

This is an old book i read about 10 month ago

It’s one of the best ways to stop smoking cigarettes,and if you use the technique you can probably can stop any bad habit you have.

I have stopped smoking right after i finished the book and i think most of the people who will read this book will also stop smoking.

i wish you good luck for anyone who will try it


Dale Carnegie-How to Win Friends and Influence People

Well ,it took me a month to read another book but i finally did it.

I read what most likely is the best books anyone can read about human influence , and self improvement.

In this book you will find all kind of new ideas and behavior that all of us should imprint in our day to day life. it begin with showing all kind of things we should do with new people we meet- and end with how we should address people we already know.

If there was only enough time to read one book – then this was the book i would have read.

That’s it for now


The Art of War – Sun Tzu

The book is about WAR!! 🙂

In every place in life we need to think strategically & find a way to bypass defenses. and this book show you all kind of strategic maneuvers that can be very helpful in all kind of thing.

I am still only starting to understand the book and i guess i will need a few more times till i will put everything in place in my mind.

But for the time being i will use what i learned here for strategic games (like the one i love – baduk(go) )


7Habits of Highly Effective People – Stephen Covey

well it took me some time but finally i decided to do this …
after more than a month , i finished another book and it was hard for me to sit down and write something about it , so i decided what the hell let’s just do this..

The one thing i took from this book (there are more but this was very important) is ” Seek First to Understand, Then to Be Understood ”

This is the key to everything!

Most people listen with the intent to reply , if you truly seeking to help and improve or just to be ,learn truly how to listen and you will be amazed at what you will find

And this is only one thing to work on and in the book have 6 more – its worth reading

Hope i will write again soon cya

The Power of Now – Eckart Tolle

Another week ended and with it another book – “the power of now” by Eckart Tolle .
In the book is talking about how you need to live in the now and not in the past or future.

He talk about religion and meditation.

But the most important thing he is trying to pass to the reader – don’t resist the moment don’t resist anything .

If you stop resisting you will find that everything in return will stop resist to you.

You will be amazed by this powerful thing that happen when the world see you stoped resisting

That’s mean of course – stop trying to be right & stop trying to make other people wrong
have a great weekend

Anthony Robbins – Awaken the Giant Within

It’s a start of a new day

I started a tradition – reading  one book every week or so. right now i just ended reading one of anthony robbins books – Awaken the Giant Within.

A very good book About personal growth .

Very eye opening book that help you realize that every feeling that you feel and every thing that you do-its absolutely depend on what you chose to do in your mind.

You can chose to be happy/sad/etc..

You can chose to be more successful in life in relationship and more if you just chose to.

So chose wisely