Idea for an application

Idea for an application
The application

apps business cellphone cellular telephone
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will need to be able to generate sentences with a random photo all chosen photo or random sentence which chosen photo and so on

1. The application will need a database – photos and sentences
2. Random create
3. Option to upload
4. basic set of photos and sentences
5. And in the end automatically brand the photo with the Absurd brand
Now it’s where it’s becomes more interesting
6. To find a way to interact with Facebook
7 to be able to upload directly to Facebook
8. To make it to multi-platform
9. To publish it
10. And on to the next one 🙂


Note_2, 29 Mar 2019

Hello so here is a list of 10 things that make me happy or make me feel good number one uline
One reading manga
Tolkien on the mic and watching it writing itself
Resting I just like laying on my bed all day
I like to eat chocolates and what kind of snacks uline
We already have 4 things I like to do what else uline
Oh my God I have a great idea I can make a video channel well I get each day 10 things I would like to do and then make either like video of or just photos running around with this new sentences each day of 10U stuff I like to do you’re going to be amazing
5. So in another I like to do coming up with ideas
6. I like to start stuff and never finish them
7. What else I like to travel sometimes around the world

But you know the problem some of the stuff I’m saying to you it’s not correct because this stuff don’t make me feel happy necessarily but let me come up with 3 more things

8. I like to sleep
9. I like to play games a lot
10. And probably one of the most important ones is the moment when I am actually able to finish something like for example this list

Not Tomorrow

Today I want to talk about my plans for the future

There’s a problem in life when you’re lazy and tired and nothing works out because our goal is to get some we’re basically most of the time it would be to get a lot of money and the reason for that is dads if you have enough money we could do anything that we basically want to do without any limitations.

So the question is how can I make enough money in my life so that I will be able to whatever you want..

So the way to make money it will be either creating the product or a company or to just win that lottery ticket

The question is then how do you find an idea for a product or for a company that can provide you with enough money fastest

The question is how do you actually do it…

I don’t have the answer but I will try to find out and if I do and you following my journey you will find out as well

So follow up
Until next time

My commitment

I committed myself to write each day 10 ideas about all kind of stuff

Got this idea from a blog i read about being able to come up with ideas all the time

What actually happened is that i quiet it after only a few days

The life of procrastinator is really annoying every time you get a task to do or some kind of “hobby” that you have but can never get because you quit all the time

My journey for a great life is never ending but i will get there

No road

Best test test testing 1 2 3
I’m trying to figure out why am I lazy . Is it truly the laziness or is it just something else I know I’m tired from work and that’s not the problem.

The problem is that the stuff that I want to do basically just stuff that I think I should do add at the end of the day it’s not stuff that they really want to do so every time I encounter an obstacle or you know something stopped me I just quit.

So now what I’m trying to do is writing a Blog and I would probably quit again in about a week a month a year

I wonder if there is a way to actually find something to do even though you’re lazy and to actually find something that I am passionate about and just keep doing it for the rest of my life while making money out of it

Coming back

I am thinking about starting to be active again

I’m going to bring a lot of new content .not only on books but also about some ideas i have been researching for a while .

Not gonna lie its going to be a long and hard journey for me but i hope u will stick with me and find it interesting

If u like my content please share it with people you know

And good luck for everyone

Managing Oneself (Harvard Business Review Classics) -Peter F. Drucker


After a long-time without reading and almost without posting, i read a new book “Managing oneself”.

It was a good and quick read ,so it was fun and refreshing.

He talks about how to find your most valuable strengths and most dangerous weaknesses. In which way you learn best and in Which environment.

It reminded me that i really need to find my values to better myself ,that i need to find out if i work better alone or with people . so the book gave me some new stuff to work on

That’s it for now

have a great weekend

The Power of Habit – Charles Duhigg

Hey there (:

The true way to help you get more success in life is right here in this book.

In this book you will see how we work and what is an habit , and how we can create or destroy one of them. very useful tool to help us stop smoking cigarettes or help us start  to wake up early or any other habit.

You can also find here that if you change one habit for the better – you are really starting chain reaction of new good habits that will just pop every now and then

that’s it for today


Robin Baker – Sperm Wars

The second book I’ve read in two days. 🙂

I’m glad I was able to finish this book today and I hope to continue this way.

This book tells of “sperm wars” on people who cheats and the reasons for betrayal and how women get pregnant.

This book is very enlightening about all the idea of sperm war but i didn’t get the feeling that it was an amazing book.

But anyway i know of a few people that really recommend this book, and i too got a few new ideas,so you  should give it a quick look maybe you will like it or get something from it.


Robin S Sharma -The Monk Who Sold His Ferrari

So today  i started and finished another book, about The Monk Who Sold His Ferrari.

The book gives us a simple story about how we can find our desires in life and follow our dreams.

The ideas that we can get from here are about every thing in life that we need to change, from how to eat to how to think and act.

It teach how to be happy in life and the way to improve.

A good book to help us to find direction in life.